EcoShare started operation in Zhengzhou in November 2016. It is a “Internet + new traffic” intelligent electric vehicle travel service platform, which provides two electric car rental services including mobile phone remote control and face recognition technology. In June 2017, they received a 135-million-yuan round of car financing.


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In an era of numerous apps on the market, it is important to build a brand and aesthetic that is immediately recognizable, therefore building a bright brand image becomes the first problem to be solved.

With a vibrant yellow primary color, BuddyCreative designers chose to highlight the happy experience of ride sharing with company. Designed for mobile, the concepts are produced with this in mind, with the use of white space emphasizing the distance you can travel with the app. Minimalist vector icons create a positive, chirpy tone within the promotional materials. The logo combines the appearance of a EcoShare car with the face of a happy customer using the service.