Chengdu SHU Embroidery Museum [ Shu Art ]

In May 2009, the Chengdu Weaving Embroidery Museum was officially opened, exhibiting stunning patterned works and accessories. For their newest exhibit, Shu Art require an updated aesthetic cohesive with the works on display.

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The branding image needs a new upgrade to ensure the exhibition launching matches the new business concept. Communication between BuddyCreative and client is essential to retaining a cohesive design for the overhaul to be completed at the highest of qualities. From its branding to its visual presentation and exhibition promotional material, the branding identity relies on the quality silk pieces the museum is renowned for.

BuddyCreative decided to implement patterns similar to that of the exhibited works in the museum for cohesion throughout the designs. The primary thematic concepts connecting the works together is the blending of the old and traditional with the modern and new. This is emphasised by the use of curved lines -which replicate the twist of fabric- across the promotional material which is in contrast to the geometric shapes and layout of the logo and textual structure throughout the designs, and further expressed through the contract of a rich purple with and a bright punch of yellow in typography and lines.