Chengdu Tianfu Bio-Industry Incubation Park

Chengdu Tianfu Bio-Industry Incubation Park provides a revolutionary city experience, combining leisure, research, and domestic functionality into one modern park space. With a focus on accessibility for the modern era, the Bio-Industry Incubation Park requires a friendly wayfinding design with the adaptability needed for the ever changing landscape of a growing city.

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For Chengdu Tianfu Bio-Industry Incubation Park, creating an open, approachable atmosphere is key to attracting city-goers into the area. A strong environmental display is essential to ensuring ease of accessibility around the space is as efficient as possible, as well as highlighting the five key areas of the space: Life, Research, Residential, Commercial, and Biology.

BuddyCreative produced a collection of wayfinding displays which take on a building block formation which allows for total customisation of the signage to fit the flexible needs of the environment space known as the ‘life board’. Throughout the space, art installations are also implemented to enhance the interactivity for visitors. Famous quotes are also implemented onto the outdoor wayfinding placards to enhance the space with a rich cultural history to blend with the modern aesthetic of the space.